Your face is the most authentic signature. It doesn’t matter if you are a president, a manager or an artist, we all present ourselves with a portrait that tells our own story.


Portrait photography is a very broad term and every client has different wishes. That is why personal contact is very important, so that I can at least somehow get to know your specific personality and choose a suitable portrait photography concept for you. Portrait photography has several basic categories:

Profile photo

This is a portrait focused mainly on the head. A key aspect of this portrait is facial expression, with clothing, pose or background not playing a primary role. This type of portrait is suitable as a profile photo for social networks or as an illustrative photo of an author of an article.

Business portrait

A business portrait is a photograph of a model in his natural working environment – this means the environment that characterizes him, or in which he works. I photograph the owner of the company, for example, in his office or in another location of his company, the chef in his kitchen or restaurant, etc. The use of a photo studio with a uniform background is also a matter of course. This is a representative type of portrait.

Artistic portrait

If you wish to express your personality in a slightly different way than business, or corporate, so an artistic portrait with no creative boundaries in terms of the type of light, color of light, clothing, pose, photo location, etc. is intended for you.

Each request is original and requires an individual approach. I can therefore adapt to your ideas and do not hesitate to contact me for a price offer.