I am dedicated to professional automotive photography since 2010 | I am a ticket to the world of uncompromising and high-quality presentation of your business.


Automotive photography is a very specific field of photography – it can serve as a presentation material for companies dealing with automotive topics that require advertising photography, as well as for magazines/portals and brands that require more of a lifestyle type of photography. I am lucky enough to have already worked with several companies in the automotive field – from showrooms of various vehicle brands, through magazines dealing with modified cars to magazines with documentary and lifestyle photography from various meetings.

Photos are primarily intended for the promotion of automotive companies, showrooms, automotive magazines, etc. Dealers, manufacturers, adjusters, tuners and other professionals in the automotive industry use my services mainly when they want to present themselves and their business at the highest possible level.

I have been involved in automotive photography for more than 10 years – over the years I have photographed many different types of cars and events – modified cars, luxury models, sports cars, advertising photos with products around the development of cars and presentations of products related to cars. I myself own a modified car, thanks to which I can come up with other ideas… Just sit down and drive with no direction, enjoy the performance and the sound. For me, it’s the best form of relaxation in the world.

I must not forget about event, documentary, and lifestyle automotive photography. Over the years, I have attended dozens of tuning meetings and drift events in Slovakia, Belgium, Poland, etc., where I try to capture the unique atmosphere. Samples of my documentary and lifestyle work can be found on my Facebook fan page EL | MO Automotive.

Don’t compromise

A high-quality visual presentation is an important investment with a quick return and therefore should not be skimped on. It’s no secret that the first look sells, and try to remember how the visual of a well-made advertisement for a new car model can win you over – it makes people want to drive it right away.

By combining a suitable location, specific light and an unconventional idea, advertising photos are created that will differentiate you from the competition and bring a new and fresh perspective on the matter.

I will ensure for you:
  • representative photos made using specific procedures at the highest possible level
  • serious and accurate approach
  • express delivery of output

In my work, I use specific procedures for creating photos, thanks to which the final photos are at the highest possible level. I approach each client individually, and for that reason do not hesitate to contact me for a price offer. If you require the highest possible quality of presentation of your own business, you are at the right place.

Each idea is original and requires an individual approach. I can therefore adapt to your ideas so do not hesitate to contact me for a price offer.